Classes at each studio location are dependant on interest levels.  Dubbo & Orange currently offer a full student and Adult program.  Classes in styles at other studios are available upon demand.


Stepping Out offers a comprehensive and dynamic curriculum with classes available in RAD Classical Ballet, Acrobatics, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, Adults Dance Fit, Contemporary, Stretch, Repertoire , Barre Workout  and special performance classes.  We are also home to READY SET DANCE and Ready SET BALLET for preschoolers.  Stepping Out offers exam and eisteddfod participation. 

ballet at Stepping Out Dance Studio

Classical Ballet (RAD)

Stepping Out Dance Factory offers classes in Royal Academy of Dancing methodology which is one of the most highly recognized and respected Classical teaching bodies in the world. Miss Rikki holds a Bachelor of Arts with Diploma of Education in conjunction with a Royal Academy of Dance Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies. She is a registered teacher with the RAD and students undertake annual examinations in this esteemed syllabus.


A blend of ballet and modern dance. It builds a strong centre and combines precision leg work with an ease with and fluidity in the torso.


A technical dance class focusing on stability, alignment, strength and flexibility. The class works on balance, turns and extensions, related specifically to Jazz Dance and teaches basic musicality, physical, choreographic and rythmnic dynamics.


For aspiring Fred Astaires or Tap Dogs. A combination of old and modern freestyle used In musical theatre performance.

Musical Theatre

A class for all the aspiring “triple threats” which combines acting, singing and dancing to really grow confidence and performance ability.

Hip Hop

A stylized combination of street funk, hip hop and pop similar to styles seen in music Video Clips.


Stretching movement, blended with the graceful control of dance and yoga to tone and invigorate the body and release stress. The exercises are rhythmical and have music accompaniment.


Miss Brandi is at the helm of our Acrobatics Department and is an accredited teacher with Acrobatics Arts. Our studio offers specialised tuition and annual examinations in this discipline. It is one of of our most popular classes. Under her expertise our students have the safest and most innovative means to perform extraordinary human feats of balance, agility and motor coordination. We are excited to introduce Tiny Tumblers for Preschoolers to accompany our other levels.