Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.

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Our Values


Our Vision



Stepping Out Dance Factories Vision supports our strategies and objectives. Our Vision is to:



"Provide leading dance tuition embracing innovation and creativity, delivering expressive dance in an environment focused on education and recreation".



Our Values


Service - Being of service to others in thought, feeling, and action creates a climate of generativity, which fosters relationships with a full range of human qualities.


Thankfulness - Creates the basis for healthy interpersonal relations by establishing norms of respect and positive regard for the needs and contributions of others.


Trust - Increases the ability to uphold commitments and to engage in long-term effectiveness in organizational and personal transactions.


Humility - Enhances organisational relationships, valuing differences and being willing to explore alternatives will result in a higher level of organisational effectiveness


Development - Enhancing the capabilities and possibilities of all those that we interact and engaging in professional and personal development brings a more advanced and effective state.