Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.



The new online system is located here


Once you’ve made it to the website try the following steps below:

1. Find the “sign up!” link (top right hand corner under sign in box)

2. Find the “New to our Site?” Box (on the right hand side.  If you already have login details then use the box on the left)

3. Type in your “First Name” in the corresponding box and “Last Name” in the last name field.  Please use the First Name and Last Name in THIS EMAIL above!!

4. The system should ask “is this you” & display your name. Please click your name!

(If multiple entries appear, pick the one that you think is you.  You will be asked later to provide another identifying piece of information, your email address is sufficient OR mobile phone or DOB if that information is on your account )

5. Then just follow the prompts from there :)

You should get a confirmation email from Stepping Out Dance to your email address to complete the registration process.

THEN you should be able to login!!



1. How to make a Payment on your account online once logged in:

a. Click the ONLINE STORE tab

b. Click word link “Account Payments”

c. Select “Payment on Account”.

d. Enter in amount you would like to pay i.e. Amount outstanding on account balance in this email.

e. Click “Make Purchase” and follow prompts. (The purchase system is PCI compliant and utilises the highest encryption standards and is powered by mindbodyonline systems.)

i. Please note the system can only accept Visa or MasterCard.

ii. The system will reconcile your payment immediately and it will reflect on your account balance automatically.

iii. The transaction will appear as “EZIDEBIT PAYMENT TEC NEWSTEAD AUS 6105″ on your credit card statement.

 FOR MULTIPLE CLASSES & DISCOUNTS PLEASE CONTACT rikki@steppingoutdance.com.au or leesa@steppingoutdance.com.au



Enrolling in Person

Please download and complete the attached enrolment form, this will need to be emailed or returned to your teacher prior to your first class.


 2015 Enrolment Form