Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.

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Angelina Ballerina Program


Stepping Out Dance Factory is thrilled to announce that from 2014 we will be an Angelina Ballerina Academy Partner Studio.  Angelina Ballerina classes are taught through an international network of top dance studios.  Our decision to apply to be a part of this exclusive program was part of our commitment to our new Little Stars Department.  We love to teach and we especially love to teach little people because we know it is our tiniest dancers who deserve the most magical, educational and innovative start to their journey in Dance.


Our students will receive a quality dance education in a caring and fun environment with classes featuring the stories and adventures of Angelina Ballerina with a strong focus on preschool learning and engagement.  The Angelina Ballerina Academy Curriculum is designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts to inspire little stars with big dreams.


Stepping Out Dance Factory is proud to be an Angelina Ballerina Academy Partner Studio.  Our Angelina Ballerina programme is inspired by Angelina Ballerina books and TV series and will focus on one story book per month.  The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy curriculum was developed by dance education specialist Beverly Spell, master teacher and author of the Leap 'N' Learn Program.


Angelina Ballerina's voice will guide aspiring dancers through their movement lessons and the program incorporates music from Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps, as well as custom music developed by Spell and composer Scott Killian.  Class sizes will be strictly limited and will promote creative learning and lay the foundation for correct and age appropriate dance technique.


To become an Angelina Ballerina Academy, partner studios must meet specific criteria, including membership of a recognised national dance teaching organisation such as the RAD ( Royal Academy of Dancing.)


Our "Little Stars with Big Dreams" will receive an Angelina Ballerina Dance Journal and will receive informative pages about dancing and about how to behave like a ballerina.  Children will also receive stickers and certificates of achievement to mark their progress throughout the year as well as activity sheets.  There will be opportunities for our little mouselings to bring a friend to class to share in the fun and excitement of an Angelina Ballerina class.  Most exciting of all will be a special visit from Angelina herself to Stepping Out.  Our dancers will be able to meet Angelina Ballerina and to dance with her as well as have that special moment captured with a photograph.


This programme is a wonderful opportunity for young aspiring dancers to develop a love of learning through reading, dancing, music and imaginative play.  Use this link to access the Angelina Ballerina website with great information and games for children and parents: www.angelinaballerina.com/au 


Stepping Out Dance Factory really offers the best possible way to introduce your little one to the enchanting and rewarding world of dance.  To give your little dancer the best start and to ensure they feel like a star, Stepping Out has a range of Angelina starter packages containing everything your little mouseling needs to fulfil their dreams.  Please see our online store for a delightful pack containing tutu, shoes, ears, drink bottle and bag at very competitive prices to give your little one the opportunity to put their best foot forward.